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With a vagina dry like a dessert, sex can definitely be less fun and painful. A lady’s body has to go through a million things. From child birth to menopause and what not, a lady has enough to suffer from that makes her vagina useless. Imagine all the foreplay and cuddling, the moment it is time to rock you feel a strong sting and realize you dry vagina just ruined all the fun. V Tight Gel

Getting back your feminism is not an easy thing especially if you have gone through the excruciating process of natural delivery. When your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes, sex takes a back seat and your vagina losses all its lubrication. But even after all this, humans have an innate feeling of mating and staying away from sex for long is not possible for both.

As the moment of comes near, you realize that your body is just not supporting the act. You dry vagina makes the experience extremely painful and rather than enjoying every bit of it, you push your partner away and scream in pain.

  • Why women face vaginal dryness?

Estrogen is the female sex hormone that arouses a woman and takes care of all her sexual movement. A drop in the levels of this sex hormone not only decreases the sex drive but also causes the vagina to dry up. Pregnancy, child birth, menopause and even growing age can cause the levels of estrogen to drop rapidly which can lead to very painful sex of course.

  • Treating the dryness

As much as you may think vaginal dryness is incurable, there are many natural ingredient and products that can help you get rid of it. Here is a useful guideline that can help you in improving your sex life once again:

  1. Keep hydrated

Human body consists of mostly water and so to keep things on track, keeping once self hydrated is essential. Drinking less is one of the reasons for your private part to lose its natural lubrication. Trying gulping down a few liters of and within a few days you will be able to feel the difference.

  1. Avoiding too much washing

Using soaps and body washes down there is not a good idea for ladies. The vagina has its own pH value and by washing it more than once or twice everyday can disturb it causing your vagina to dry up. So avoid such products in order to maintain the pH value and the natural lubrication.

  1. HerSolution Gel

Unlike other products, this gel works amazing. Made from natural ingredients, this gel is gentle on your skin and speed up the process of regaining back its natural lubrication. The gel is simple to apply, absorbs quickly and leaves behind no odor so that you can enjoy sec without having to worry about smelling bad.

This magic formula gets into your blood stream to increase the production of estrogen so that more blood flows to your genitals. With increased blood supply, you’re able to enhance your sex drive which causes your dirty thinking to get you wet. And what is even better is that you’re able to reach your climax and scream in pleasure. This amazing product is great for those women who have lost their sex drive and want to restore their vaginal lubrication again.

  1. Massage with oil

Not all women are rich enough to afford product to use to treat their problems. Olive oil is a simple and less expensive product that can be found in every house hold. Massaging your private area with this oil every day can help you in improving the lubrication. Even taking in orally can be beneficial as it would work from the inside to improve your sexual pleasures.

  1. The perfect diet

Consuming cherries, flax seeds and other foods rich in phytoestrogen can actually help you a lot in keeping your vagina wet. There are many foods that contain natural element that replicated the properties of estrogen and when enters the body aids in improving the production of the sex hormone so that when it is time to have fun, your vagina can enhance the experience.

  • The need for the right products

For every woman natural remedies might not work but HerSolution gel is one product that works for every lady. It has been successfully helping ladies in saving their sex life by keeping their vagina lubricated. Painful sex is no fun and because of it you might stay away from your partner. Why let such a small thing ruin your romantic life? Use HerSolution gel and enjoy sex even better than before. Think of new ways of calling your partner near, start with some foreplay and end it with intense orgasm.

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