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Incredible weight loss in days by regular Niacin Max flushing

What is Niacin flush:

Nicotine acid (Niacin/vitamin B3) is vital ingredient to carry 50 different sorts of functions in our body, making it crucial for human health due to its enzymatic properties. Niacin when taken in higher dosages, results in a harmless side effect which is commonly termed as Niacin Flush, which is basically the burning sensations of skin along with itching, red and warm skin, somewhat similar to sunburn.

The onset of Niacin flush starts from your scalp, face and ears and may move down your body towards chest and arms and stops there. In case of larger intake of dosages, the flushing might extends to your entire body resulting in red coloration or splotchy skin.

Niacin flush lasts from 10 minutes to couple of hours, depending upon the severity of flush and dose of Niacin taken. Niacin flush decreases (won’t occur with same intensity as in first exposure) or it may completely diminish, when your body gets used to of a specific amount of dose over time.

Niacin Max flush:

Niacin Max flushing if very mild even on your first exposure to the product, as compared to other Niacin supplements available in medical market. The Niacin Max flush is initiated within 4-6 minutes of intake, resulting in slight splotching of your skin and itchiness along with prickling sensations (your skin might feel little warm as well), similar to mild sun burn.

Niacin Max flushing happens to everyone, is totally harmless and is temporary, lasting just for 10 minutes. On your first exposure to Niacin Max, the flushing will be most intense but it will wear off as your body starts building tolerance with every dose of Niacin Max you take.

As compared to other Niacin products available in medical market, Niacin Max provides you a very unique, new technology of Strip Packaging of Niacin that ensures to provide very mild experience of flushing. The new biostructure of Niacin provided by Niacin Max provides an instant dissolving-delivery system, which not only reduces the flushing phenomena but also fortifies the effective amount of Niacin in your blood stream.

 Phenomena of Niacin max flush:

As Niacin is concerned with the vasodilatation, oxygenation, hormonal regulation and nutritional balance in body, so, Niacin Max causes very tiniest capillaries to expand (especially towards the skin having network of finest capillaries), which increases the blood flow throughout the body. The bio availability of Niacin within minutes provided by Niacin Max results in temporary reddening of your skin – the Niacin Max flushing.

The Niacin Max flushing guarantee not to turn a consumer into beet root, it’s totally a temporary phenomena, not lasting for more than half an hour on first exposure.

The science behind Niacin Max flushing and weight loss:

Niacin Max is the unparalleled Niacin supplement for not only elevating high density lipo protein cholesterol (commonly known as Good Cholesterol) but also for decreasing the levels total cholesterol of your body by converting them into energy, that can be either stored in your body or will be consumed depending upon your physical activity that surely will be enhanced with the improvement in your stamina after using Niacin Max.

It is medically documented that intake of Niacin Max can normalize concentrations of cholesterol (high density cholesterol, low density cholesterol  and total cholesterol) and also triglycerides in your body. The change of diet and the increase of physically active state on consuming Niacin Max enables the consumer to not only have healthy, beneficial fats to be stored in body but also helps him to burn harmful/useless fats of body and lose weight. Noocube

The intake of Niacin Max upregulates various hormones including Adiponectin, which is responsible for the regulation of glucose and for fatty acid oxidation. The increase in levels of adiponectin in your body promotes weight loss by a mechanism involving reversal of insulin resistance and thus enabling your body to efficiently utilize energy from calories consumed by your food intake.

With the regular Niacin Max flushing, there is modulation of Carnitine levels in your body that not only enhances the process of fatty acid oxidation and reverse insulin resistance but also enhances the energy production at cellular levels, by improving functioning of mitochondria (called as power house of a cell-energy generating unit of a cell). And this definitely is helping you to lose weight in short span of days.

At cognitive level, Niacin Max reverses cognitive dysfunctions which ultimately enhance the impulse control/self control mechanisms and it will become easier for an obese/overweight consumer to lose weight easily just by resisting food cravings and by cutting back calories.

Regular flushing of Niacin Max also helps individuals lose weight by decreasing inflammation by significantly decreasing reactive oxygen species and down regulating/decreasing concentrations of Interlukin-8, a factor indicating inflammation.


As explained above that Niacin max flushing is the result of vasodilatation of blood capillaries which means that an effective amount of Niacin has reached in your blood stream and is working to increase oxygen and nutrient supply, enhancing your muscular development. In short, Niacin Max improves your performance, lowers your cholesterol and helps you lose weight easily.

So go and grab your Niacin Max pack and be ready to make this world yours !