10 body building mistakes you shouldn’t make at all!

Training and bodybuilding comes with its unique set of challenges for each of us and the journey is entirely different for all. With that said, you also must be aware of the fact that no one is impervious to error. The earlier you realize this underlining factor, the sooner you can be corrective of it and walk past it in style.

Hence, avoid being a rookie and learn a thing or two from the professionals regarding the most common mistakes men and women, both make at the gym while training with machines and weights. Legal Dianabol Steroid

Mistake 1: Racing Time and Energy!

One common mistake beginners make is going too fast from the start and eventually being rendered as exhausted and de-motivated. If you spend 70-80 minutes at the gym in the beginning and expect to see quick body building results, you are wrong.
Every thing needs time to incubate and so do your muscles. Stop racing with time and exhausting yourself for no good reason. Going slow and picking up the pace along the way is the best deal as you can avoid fatigue and injuries while molding your muscles slowly.

Mistake 2: Avoiding Strength Training

As beginners at the gym, you need to focus not on your chest muscles and huge triceps and biceps, but a strong core with high endurance levels and a super steamed stamina.
Most beginners start off with isolation exercises and fail to achieve neither the chest muscles nor strength. For this reason, pay attention towards building a high strength level while working on your stamina and endurance levels for at least 12 months in a row.

Mistake 3: Avoiding Compound Exercises

As a novice bodybuilder it is very crucial that you indulge in compound exercises. Centering on isolation movements is not ideal as initially, your muscles as a whole need to be trained. Not single muscles at a time.
Not only does your body feel more worked up when enjoying multi joint exercises but your legs, arms, back and chest as a whole get trained and start forming the expected shape. Isolation exercises such as standing barbell curl, hamstring curl or standing dumbbell lateral raises are for a time when you are done training with compound exercises after a few months.

Mistake 4: Not Eating Pre workout Snacks

Once you have reached a higher level in bodybuilding and have started becoming friends with other bodybuilders, you understand your workout needs as well as your nutrition needs. However, when novice bodybuilders are concerned, they often forget to eat pre and post workout.
Having a good pre workout and a post workout snack or meal is necessary as most of your energy gets used at the gym.
Hence, eat snacks such as nuts, fruits like banana, smoothies, coffee shakes, meat and chicken steaks, fish, etc.

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Mistake 5: Avoiding Drinking Water When Working Out

Water is as important as air for us and why should you avoid it when you need it the most? Drinking water during exercises is not unhealthy as it helps keep you hydrated when you are sweating buckets.
Once you think about body building, that is when you also start drinking up to 3 liters of water a day in intervals. As for when working out, take your water in sips and preferably enjoy coconut water, watermelon smoothie or simply lemonade.

Mistake 6: Being Married to Specific Gym Equipment

Are you married to your favorite gym equipment? Get divorced now!
Most people get so comfortable with specific gym machines that they forget about building muscle and often keep training the same set of muscles for more than months. This is wrong.
Experiment with different machines and learn new exercises so that you indulge a new set of muscles and give your previous muscles a break.

Mistake 7: Comparing the Progress with Others

Believe it or not, everyone is unique and so are the results. While you might have a solid chest, your friend can have better shoulders. Our bodies have a unique chemistry and each one of us experiences different fitness results.
Do not compare yourself to others and feel triggered off in the end. Instead, take the comparison as a challenge and climb the ladder to success by improving your speed, stamina, strength and lifts.

Mistake 8: Cardio before Weights

Most people like cardio and others just want to get done with it before they move to the fun part. However, if you want to build muscle, never do cardio before lifting weights. It is better to do weights before cardio as cardio can magnet all the strength away from you, allowing you not to lift weights like you would have otherwise.

Keep these mistakes in mind and try to avoid them the next time you visit the gym!

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